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Website Services Available


 Standard website

The standard website will have a main page that will list the information of the dealership. The site will have a menu bar that will have links for a map to your dealership, about us page, contact us page, and inventory page that will have all of the vehicles in a list with one image of each vehicle that is available. That will be clickable to view the full description of the vehicle details year, make, model, mileage, and vehicle equipment, There will be an area where the dealer can describe the condition of the vehicle, the page will also have 12 images of the vehicle.

Standard Website Vehicle Detail Page  Click Here To See Demo Page



Premium website

The Premium website will include everything that the standard website includes plus it will have 24 to 50 images if needed. There will be images of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The Premium website will also include a video that is fully narrated of the condition of the vehicle with a walk around the exterior and of the interior of the vehicle. When we record the interior of the vehicle. we will review the equipment and the options that the vehicle has. We will also inspect the trunk and engine compartment and then show the condition of the wheels and tires. Then we will test drive the vehicle in the video and we will review how the vehicle drives.

Premium Website Vehicle Detail Page Click Here To See Demo Page


Website Packages Maintenance Include

Website packages include one of our representatives to take photos and videos of the vehicles that are being added to the website and also to update the vehicles that have been sold. Depending on the size of the dealership. The dealer can request a weekly visit or can request a visits as needed.

 Website domain and hosting plans must be prepaid yearly that is were the web pages and vehicle photos and videos will be stored on the internet. Please contact us for a price quote we would be happy to review your dealership advertising needs. call 786-431-9046

Web Services Out Of Our Area

We are offering web services for dealerships that fall out of our service area. If your dealership is interested in using our service to upgrade your presence on the internet. Please call us to review this type of service 786-431-9046.

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(Please take a look at what our Premium Website looks like use the link below)